Know the Difference between Utah Memory Care & Assisted Living

When you or a loved one is looking into senior care options that work best for your circumstances, Alta Ridge wants to help. We offer both assisted living & memory care in Utah. Here’s how both work:

Assisted Living

Salt Lake City assisted living for the elderly is designed for seniors who require assistance in some aspects of daily living. This assistance can include help with mobility, transportation, medication administration, personal grooming and hygiene, incontinence management, and more. Alta Ridge Assisted Living Communities offer senior housing and care plans designed to suit the specific needs of each resident.

Loved ones who require help from time to time but wish to maintain their independence are good candidates for assisted living. Alta Ridge assisted living communities provide amenities and comforts similar to those in a retirement community (dining, transportation, activity programs) while adding additional support for those seniors who need some assistance.

With the input of our trained aides, nurses, and management, we develop a care plan that specifically suits each individual. For family members, the most significant benefit offered by assisted living is knowing that help is always available for a loved one. For residents, maintaining dignity, privacy, and a sense of independence (despite needing help) is the most important goal.

Memory Care

Alzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative brain disease that results in impaired memory, thinking, and behavior. It is the most common form of dementia in seniors, with causes and cures that remain unknown. It touches everyone involved, and many seniors with Alzheimer’s require around-the-clock assistance for even basic daily activities.

At Alta Ridge, our memory care communities are designed to support seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders. While safety and security are primary concerns, memory care plans also focus on individuals’ needs and each family’s wishes. Families, in particular, benefit greatly from Alzheimer’s support groups and similar resources.

Because we understand how overwhelming to family members Alzheimer’s care is, we’ve design Alta Ridge communities to feel like home while providing the added safety and security required by those with memory impairments.

Alta Ridge memory care provides activity programs designed for those with memory impairments. These programs help residents maintain both cognitive function and socialization while putting memory functions into a more manageable perspective. Through individual memory care, attention, a thoughtfully planned environment, and sensitivity to the needs of both patients and families, we help you relax and feel at ease with us.

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